More on Pot Smoking and Hard Drug Abuse

A man smokes cannabis during the cannabis free...

Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

My last post on pot smoking as a possible silver bullet for hard drug abuse and alcoholism received several good comments, and I’d like to share one in particular from True/Slant’s own Stephen C. Webster that was especially poignant.

Too true. I had a buddy whose life was nearly destroyed by his addictions. He once landed himself in the hospital after botching a cocaine injection and shooting straight into the muscle. Doctors ended up taking a scoop out of his arm after he nearly died from the infection that developed.

About a month after he was out of the hospital, he was beaten within an inch of his life by some guys who he tried to sell a bunch of legal prescription pills to. They took a set of freeweights to his face after he fought back and tried to pull a shotgun on them after he was jumped.

If it weren’t for a few good friends who stuck by the guy, offering him pot when he’d start to ache for opiates or meth, I don’t know … He’d probably have offed himself or gotten killed in a deal or by an overdose.

Every time he would start chewing on stuff and doubling-over at the waist, rocking back and forth and saying how sorry he was, his friends knew to roll up a spliff. Aside from pot, the guy’s been clean for months now and his life has improved dramatically.

That’s just one of the many reasons why, when I hear politicos say there’s no such thing as medical marijuana, I can only laugh. Doctors prescribe methadone for heroin addicts, but that’s much worse for you than pot. An “insanely contradictory” policy indeed.


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