Why Pot Gives You the Munchies

Burning joint with smoke, Czech Republic

Image via Wikipedia

What is it about marijuana that brings on the munchies?  Everyone knows that grass sets off a snack attack, but the reason why has eluded scientific explanation–until now. Turns out, pot triggers your sweet tooth.

Neuroskeptic discusses a new study indicating that marijuana directly affects the cells in the taste buds that detect sweet flavors – Endocannabinoids selectively enhance sweet taste

From the post:

Yoshida et al studied mice, and recorded the electrical signals from the chorda tympani (CT), which carries taste information from the tongue to the brain.

They found that injecting the mice with two chemicals, 2AG and AEA, markedly increased the strength of the signals produced in response to sweet tastes – such as sugar, or the sweetener saccharine. However, neither had any effect on the strength of the response to other flavours, like salty, bitter, or sour. Mice given endocannabinoids were also more eager to eat and drink sweet things, which confirms previous findings.

 Yeah, but what about Doritos? 


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