'Free Running' is Risk Personified

An astronomically risky urban craze has been gaining popularity over the last few years with kids throughout Europe and to a lesser extent the U.S. called “Free Running”.  As you’ll see in the video below, it’s a combination of acrobatics and sheer fearlessness played out across the cityscape (in this case Berlin).

When I watched this, my first thought was, “What’s going on in the brains of these guys that’s different than someone who would never even consider jumping off a building?”  

I’m going to revisit that topic at a later date, but for now check this out.

[youtubevid id=”t0GIuWoJGxk”]


One thought on “'Free Running' is Risk Personified

  1. Hey David,
    Unfortunately, what you’ve seen is something we in the parkour/freerunning community are constantly actively fighting against. A lot of videos like this come out, and people tend to simply jump to conclusions. These guys didn’t just decide to go jumping off of stuff one day. This video is the final product of years and years of training.

    People who are serious about this sport hone their skills over a long period of time, utilizing progression, spotters, gymnastics gyms, and more. There is a huge emphasis on safety and progression, and not doing something you’re not sure of.

    Some people definitely are dumb, and practice recklessly. Injuries do happen, even to the most careful of practitioners. But the same can be said for football, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts.

    In Hockey, you could be the most careful person on the ice, but someone else could still trip you accidentally and you could break your wrist. The difference between parkour/freerunning and other sports is that you are in control of you – it’s your responsibility to check surfaces, not do things you’re not ready for.

    I’m subscribed to this post – if you want to learn more let me know and I’d love to answer your questions and tell you more about all the good things parkour and freerunning are doing.

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