The Movie and Actor that Oscar Royally Screwed

moonI keep hearing that 2009 was an “epic year for movies,” but I’m not feeling it. It may have been an epic year for big-budget movies with expensive actors and unprecedented effects–but all of that does not an epic year make.

Rather, I’d characterize 2009 as the year you could find a few excellent, original movies among the mediocre and predictable if you bothered to look past the marketing.  One movie in particular fitting that description will not be mentioned at this year’s Oscars, nor will its talented leading man, nor will its talented writers and director.

The movie is Moon, starring Sam Rockwell in a one-man performance that at the very least should have earned him a best actor nomination.  The director is Duncan Jones, who also co-wrote the award-worthy original screenplay with Nathan Parker.  The movie won the BAFTA award and was nominated for at least 15 other awards.  But it won’t even warrant a glancing reference at the Oscars. Says a lot about the politically skewed nature of Hollywood’s biggest prize.

The only review I want to give here about Moon is…see it. Trailer below.

[youtubevid id=”twuScTcDP_Q”]


3 thoughts on “The Movie and Actor that Oscar Royally Screwed

  1. I saw “Moon” and thought Sam Rockwell’s performance was incredible – I mean, he played against himself and a computer! The Skype conversation with his kids and wife showed the vagaries of facial expression that makes a performance so believable.
    I also thought “The Perfect Getaway” had a couple of incredible performances – Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich. The academy probably had a tough time culling all the performances down to those who were nominated. Not a bad year to go to the movies. Tom Medlicott

  2. I won’t lie… I was a bit underwhelmed by “Moon.” I think Sam Rockwell’s a fantastic actor, and I was hooked by the movie’s premise, which held me until just about the middle of the film when everything just sort of lost steam. Rockwell’s performance was great, and it’s also great to see him get that kind of role and onscreen time. But I just left the theater feeling a bit disenchanted by what could have been a great movie… It just felt a bit limp.

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