Texans Rise Up and Claim Your Independence from Bureaucratic Tyranny!

Having read the news about the Texas Board of Education mandating that history be rewritten in the state’s textbooks, I have only one question: why are Texans putting up with this?  

Allowing a tiny group of elitists posing as populists to make sweeping changes that suit their tastes is entirely antithetical to the character of the most independent-minded state in the nation.

Several of the Board’s changes are ludicrous, but I want to focus on one in particular that should make Texans bristle: demoting Thomas Jefferson from major intellectual influence on the nation’s origins to marginal contributor.  This is an Orwellian truth heist of epic proportions—and Texans shouldn’t let it stand.

Of all the Founding Fathers, Jefferson would likely have been most supportive of Texas’ independent spirit, even to the point of encouraging secession if need be. Consider his quote below:

 “If any state in the Union will declare that it prefers separation…to a continuance in union… I have no hesitation in saying, ‘let us separate.’ “

Jefferson was an intellectual warrior for liberty who hated tyranny in all its forms. It was Jefferson who pushed forward the radical notion that the colonists had a right to govern themselves—an idea that made many of his counterparts wet their beds. It was Jefferson who imbued the Declaration of Independence with the action-compelling potency that makes it the most consequential document in our nation’s founding. And it was Jefferson who, along with Adams, most fervently supported the peoples’ “Right to revolution” against powers that would deny our freedoms.  

Fast forward to 2010, and the Texas Board of Education has the audacity to demote Thomas Jefferson?  As if they are even fit to critique his words, let alone alter his place in history. They have effectively spit in the face of a man who risked everything to see the vision of freedom come to fruition and allow people like them have a public voice.

What, exactly, has the Texas Board put on the line for America? Other than pursuing their agenda of ignorance, their tyranny of impudence—what can those on this board claim to have given our country?

Further, that this faction on the Texas Board calls themselves “conservatives” is an affront to everyone who rightly deserves the title.  There is nothing conservative about defaming one of our nation’s founders. There is nothing conservative about allowing a skewed political agenda override a dedication to representing the truth about this country’s history. And there is nothing conservative about relegating one of the crucial voices of liberty—without which there may not have been a revolution—to a marginal role simply because you disagree with some of his positions.

Conservative?  Edmund Burke would have lost control of his bowels if told that this group’s actions had anything to do with conservatism. Try Maoism, or maybe Stalinism, but Texas Board, conservatives you are not.  

I don’t live in Texas, but I think everyone who cares about preserving the Founders’ place in American history–and honoring the risk Jefferson and his counterparts took to give us a nation in which free debate is even possible–should be livid about this band of bureaucrats’ reckless actions.

And I think Texans, above everyone else, should be outraged.


One thought on “Texans Rise Up and Claim Your Independence from Bureaucratic Tyranny!

  1. Texans rebel against bureaucrats!!?? Not going to happen… too stupid..

    If you want to talk about BBQ, rodeos and Klan meetings you’ve come to the right place but something about the rest of the world outside the boarders of texas – not so much..

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