'LOST': Six Seasons of Smart Ends with a Sloppy Dollop of Stupid

Dear writers of Lost: Limbo? I’ve been watching this freaking show for six years and you give me Limbo?

When The Sopranos ended, I was disappointed, but I wasn’t left thinking, “Wow, they completely dropped the ball on this. What a damn shame.”

Dear writers of Lost:  That’s exactly what I’m thinking now.

What the chosen ending of Lost verifies is what most of the speculators have been saying for a few seasons: there would be no way to adequately wrap up the criss-crossing plot lines, the unending questions, the bottomless allusions. They feared that the show was begging for a big cop-out, catch-all ending.  I feared they were right, but hoped that the most original show to grace network TV since ‘The Twilight Zone’ wouldn’t go out that way. Surely the writers of this unique show would prove them all wrong.

Well, they didn’t.  They couldn’t have proved them more right if they’d had Jesus and Krishna themselves make an appearance on the island and tell Jack that, “everyone will go to a warm, lovely place that they made together to be together to remember that they were together somewhere for some reason, because that’s what people have been wasting their time for six years to find out.”

I’m being harsh, I know, but I’m a little cheesed off right now.  Despite the ending, I have enjoyed the show and appreciate how it has, for the most part, shined with originality amidst a sea of formulaic crime and hospital dramas. But with that pedigree, which has drawn a loyal legion of followers few shows in the history of TV can boast, all the more reason that it should have ended with something other than a predictable “we’re all dead and happy now” cop-out.

As to the producers claiming that they knew all along how the show would end, all I can say is I hope you’re lying. Because if you really had this in mind all along, if from the start you planned to duck virtually every interesting question you raised and instead stick us with a lame, inter-faith, karma-purgatory dose of nonsense–you’re a cruel gang of bastards.

Better that you just come clean and admit that you didn’t have a clue how to end the show, and figured that since you were bound to disappoint many viewers no matter what you did, you’d just go with a vague, quasi-religious ending and paint it all with enough potent sentimentalism to spackle over the cracks. We’d still be disappointed, but would respect you more if you admitted that’s how it went down.

As it stands, Lost will go down in television history as a great show that ultimately fell apart. The suspenseful enigmas that kept people watching were eventually the show’s undoing–it quivered, shook and finally crumbled under their compounded weight. Too bad, but I suppose you can only ask so much. I only wish the makers of Lost would have chosen to go out a different exit than the back door to mediocrity.


8 thoughts on “'LOST': Six Seasons of Smart Ends with a Sloppy Dollop of Stupid

  1. Finally, David, I see somebody calling out that the Emperor has no clothes! I am amazed that people are so much in love with the series that they are in denial : just because you get to see so many past characters, and that all of them seem to get their love requited, does not negate the fact that the writers just ran out of ideas. They strung us along all this while with the promise of something grand, and it turned out to be one of the awful jokes with terrible an punch line. After all this they couldn’t even come up with a decent explanation of why exactly does the Island need protection! Is that from an oversized bathroom plug being pulled out?

    After one of the most thrilling 90 minutes of any finales, they went all Lifetime-network soppy! Gaaah!!! So much of my life wasted following this series! I need to make sure I stay away from any tripe these writers cook up in the future, however enticing the aroma be!

  2. Worst Finale Ever.

    What a load of crap that ending was. I would’ve stopped watching this season if I didn’t know it was actually the last. So I stuck around and watched this entire season thinking, I’ve got to find out what is going on and then I get this crappy uber religious “Let It Go” garbage.
    I should’ve let this series go a long time ago and tuned into one of those formulaic crime/hospital dramas. This ending was almost as bad as Essig’s Porn Addiction finale.

  3. Interesting take, David. As one who wasn’t a devoted “Lost” follower, I’m unqualified to assess, but it does raise a question.

    Do we expect too much from finales? For a show like “Lost,” which reportedly lost its way (sorry) for a while there, was the bar just too high for any finale to succeed? Or did this one fail by not trying hard enough?

    • Lisa, thanks for (gently) reminding us to keep our perspective! You are right – there were signs all along that the writers had bitten off more than they could chew, and we should have sorta expected this.

      At the same time, you are right again – they could have at least tried! A red herring or two is fine, this was a huge red whale there. He lives a whole new life, with a teenaged son – in Purgatory??!!

      And that is a serious peeve of mine – I ain’t Christian, so maybe I don’t get all that. But I sat down for so long to watch a sci-fi, and ended up being sermonised to. Aaargh!!! Gotta get away from TV and get a life!

  4. It was touching at times, other times annoying. But you called it right, they broke every rule, every shred of credibility with the audience. They ripped us off, and amazingly many are in love with that, bulls#*t I say, what happened to credibility?

  5. What is the dilly here? What were people expecting, an interactive experience with Satan or something through your teevee?

    Two closure scenarios were going on simultaneously. For the ending, the writers were clever enough to leave the door wide open for conjecture, viz: Jack was dreaming the whole “sideways” arc, because he’s just that kind of do-gooder guy, no foul, and when he saves everyone, they take him to heaven-whatever. Something like that. No matter how you slice it, they end up looking like top-drawer lit snobs, face it. Not everything has to be friggin’ Cheers, man, and be thankful for that.

    I knew people would whine no matter what the final reveal, but I guess I’m a bit surprised at all the hostility regardless.

    In disclosure, I’ll say that it probably worked hugely in my and my wife’s favor that we didn’t start watching it until like 6 months ago on DVD. The last season was very tedious for us, weaving the DVR through all the commercials, and I can see why religious viewers who’ve been there from the beginning might feel let down. The best way to watch the thing, no doubt, is in giant selfish gobbles, no commercials, no waiting. I lost a lot of sleep saying “Eh, what the hell, one more.”

    • Ha ha well we can’t want this to be the norm now, you can bet some show will do it again, totally abandon the script.

      Myself, returning to school the last year I have the time and energy for about one TV show a week, and I watched that show for a since it started. It was hard to even stay up that long. There is no way around not feeling betrayed by the writers, especially the whole Whitmore thing and the church from a few seasons ago when it was suggested that a church secretly knew of and could track the island from some basement of a big church with computers and a big swinging pendulum from the days before computers. Poof, that was lost!

      It was a heck of a show though, no real regrets. I will miss it, but am really glad it is finally over. Great comment, thanks.

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