New Condom Design Could Revolutionize Drunken Sex

Well, it’s not brand spanking new. The Sensis QuickStrip condom has been out for about a year, but the company issued a press release not long ago with the flavor of an “official” launch.  Other than a convenient way for me to include the phrase “drunken sex” in a post title, the QuickStrip really is a remarkably simply invention that could reduce the rate of condom failures and user malfunctions. From the press release:

A recent study evaluating condom use errors among college men found that 30 percent of participants reported placing the condom on upside down and flipping it over prior to use.

That’s not good. If this innovation can bring that number down closer to zero (unlikely, sure, but marginally plausible), then it deserves a dash of free publicity.  As the scholars in the video below demonstrate, pretty much anyone who can put on a band-aid can work a QuickStrip. It’s hard to believe it took this long for someone to improve one of the worst designed products in the history of  prophylactic design, but better late than never.

[youtubevid id=”A6QQWhRmJ8k”]


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