Smokes and Booze, a Fine Father's Day Tradition

I’m always interested to see what vintage advertising  can tell us about our traditions. In the case of Father’s Day, it’s clear that the way to put a smile on Dad’s face is by putting a cigarette in his mouth and a glass of the good stuff in his hand.  Let’s take a stroll…

In this ad, Mom, both kids AND the dog have a carton of smokes waiting for Dad as he walks downstairs in his Sunday best. He’ll be hacking up a tar loogie before they get to the buffet.

This one features the double whammy gift of pipe tobacco and a carton of filterless Camels. If one doesn’t get him, the other one will.

Another devoted family.  Little did they realize that not only would Dad’s eyes light up, but so would the soft tissue in his lungs.

And don’t forget the lighter!

Dad, dogs, and booze…happiness is.

And here we have the ‘regal’ father, preparing for the day with two fingers of Scotch to calm the nerves. His eyes already look  glazed over.

If you’ve already boozed and smoked ole Dad out a little too much, get him some underwear! Make it sound like a really cool gift with a bit of fanfare and a huge sign in his pristine front lawn. Don’t worry, he’s already so drunk he’ll laugh his ass off at anything you do.

Moms, just remember, if you don’t succeed in making Daddy happy, he’s gonna spank your boo-tay.

But he might cut you some slack if you give him beer. Daddy loves him some beer, as we know.

This last one isn’t vintage, but the ad placement was too ridiculous not to mention.


One thought on “Smokes and Booze, a Fine Father's Day Tradition

  1. Great post, especially that last one.

    I wonder what is being marketed to men these days that people in the future may reflect upon in a similar way.

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