FDA Study: Roach Carcasses in Airline Food Factory 'too numerous to count'

Roaches eating cheesecake small

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Courtesy of Vanity Fair (by way of USA Today), reporting on a recent FDA study of airline food safety — the news for anyone who travels is not good:

According to USA Today, the F.D.A. “found live roaches and dead roach carcasses ‘too numerous to count’ inside the Denver facility of the world’s largest airline caterer, LSG Sky Chefs. They also reported finding ants, flies and debris, and employees handling food with bare hands.” Of the 46 food-production facilities—“kitchens” seems like a misnomer—27 of them engaged in problematic provision-preparation practices. (Phew!) Such culinary crimes include: doubling as hotbeds of rodent colonization and reproduction, storing seafood at improper temperatures, undercooking meats, and being gross about ice. According to the paper, “[a]irlines say they require their caterers to provide government inspection reports, and they do their own unannounced inspections.”

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